An exceptional thin-gauge elastic leads to an exceptional experience.

WELCOME TO FULFLEX. MAKERS OF THIN-GAUGE SPECIALTY ELASTICS. Whether it’s making swimwear more comfortable, first responder gear safer or industrial gaskets tighter sealing, our purpose is to help improve the user experience of every product we touch. It’s all about optimizing the comfort, fit and performance of your solutions.

MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT WE MAKE IS WHY. Elastic is a central component in products across a wide range of industries and applications – from elastic tape utilized for intimate apparel and swimwear, to rubber sheeting used for industrial gaskets and seals. The truth is, many products couldn’t perform the way they should without Fulflex elastics. So, of course, we take pride in producing the industry’s best thin-gauge specialty elastics. We labor over all the details to get it just right. Comfort, fit and performance are what differentiate our products. But to us, this business isn’t just about great products. At Fulflex, it’s more about our customers and, ultimately, the people who use their products. We always think about them. So, when we think about our purpose, it’s really all about helping our customers improve the users’ experience of their products – helping them find the edge that can make the difference. It’s the reason we come to work every day. Bigger picture, it's how we make the world a better place in our own small way.

Elastic tapes, Elastic threads, Elastic film, Tourniquets and Esmark bandages.

Headquartered in Vermont, with plants in Brattleboro and India, additional distribution centers are located in Brussels and Los Angeles, Fulflex maintains a full research and development team and Expert Technical Service Group to meet client needs.

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